Why St. Louis is the Go-to City Post Pandemic

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The pandemic brought about some drastic changes to work, school, and our social lives. And it is still unclear how close to pre-pandemic “normal” we will ever get again. One shift we see is people deciding where to live post-pandemic.

For some, a permanent work-from-home option makes extra living space a necessity but lifts the constraints of a commute. Easy access to goods and services has become essential, especially if they can be delivered to our door. And for many, moving closer to friends and family after social distancing is more desirable than ever.

As people consider what they want and need from post-pandemic cities, many are finding that a decision to live in St. Louis checks a lot of boxes.

What People Want in Post-Pandemic Cities

Living and working through the pandemic had a way of shining a spotlight on what people did not like about their homes and cities. Everyone is different, of course, and the hustle and bustle of a big city will always have its appeal for some. But now, there is more freedom to seek places that offer a balance between getting away from it all and having everything right outside your door.

Some of the things post-pandemic cities need to attract new residents are:

    • Space. Houses must have enough room for the entire family and accommodate a home office. People have also realized the importance of recreational areas like nearby parks or their own home’s outdoor living space.
    • Connectivity. Homes can’t be too far “off the grid”. Post-pandemic cities must have reliable cell and internet networks, especially for remote work.
    • Opportunity. Jobs and industry in a region are important, even for those working remotely for a company far away. If a job change is in store, it’s good to be able to look for work at local businesses that are thriving.
    • Amenities. Access to amenities like an airport, medical services and hospitals, and good schools are must-haves. Recreation opportunities, museums, national sports teams, arts, and entertainment add to the appeal of a post-pandemic city.
    • Liveability. Friendliness and a sense of community, ease of getting around, easy access to shopping—all of these and much more make a city livable. Anyone looking to relocate post-pandemic will likely appreciate a city’s livability—whatever that looks like to the individual.
    • Affordability. When a homebuyer can find all of the above, and it costs less than in other parts of the country, they’ve likely found the answer to where to live post-pandemic.

How Living in St. Louis Measures Up

The Midwest in general has a lower cost of living than the rest of the country and is thought by many to be friendlier and more inviting. And people who live in St. Louis can take advantage of many things a big city has to offer, but with less hassle—and with a lower budget.

More Bang For the Buck

In comparing average home prices by state in 2022, the typical price of a home in Missouri is $231,062—that is 54% of the national average! Paying St. Louis prices means the possibility of buying something bigger, nicer, or newer than elsewhere. This is especially true for anyone moving to the Midwest but keeping a New York or Los Angeles salary.

Most St. Louis properties also offer yards and garages which might be unheard of in other urban settings. Such luxuries are great, especially for people with kids or pets.

St. Louis is More Affordable

According to salary.com’s metrics, the cost of living in St. Louis is below the national average overall, and in every one of the five major expense categories: energy, food, healthcare, housing, and transportation. In fact, housing has the biggest difference at 15.1% below the national average. And property taxes are lower in most areas too. It’s simply a fact—it’s cheaper to live in St. Louis.

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A Good Job Market

A good way to gauge a region’s job market is by looking at opportunities for new college graduates. St. Louis takes the top spot in Insurify’s list of the best cities for new graduates in 2022. In June 2022, the unemployment rate was only 2.8%. They also rated its “Overall Appeal Score” at 100! 

When a town or city is tied to just one industry, the entire economy will suffer if it fails. St. Louis, however, has a number of thriving industries that run the gamut from manufacturing to academia, to medicine. It is also making a name for itself in the past decade as a hub for tech startups. 

Getting Around

We’ll admit that St. Louis does not have the same public transportation options as a bigger metropolis, but it hardly matters. Driving in the city is easy, with major roadways and a fraction of the traffic of L.A. or Chicago. Commutes are short if you do have to drive to work or school, and there is plentiful parking, even downtown, and much of it is free. But the city is also big enough to support a convenient network of cabs, Lyfts, and Ubers too, so getting around is never difficult.

Families or Singles—St. Louis Has You Covered

Families will find plenty of room to spread out in neighborhoods and subdivisions across the region. Several options for school are available, from pre-school to world-class universities. 

As for recreation, there is so much to do! As we move into post-pandemic life, there are opportunities for both getting together and social distancing. Forest Park is a true gem with miles of trails, a golf course, musicals at the Muny, and a free zoo. And St. Louis is on the tour schedule of many Broadway shows and top-name performers. There is also a robust restaurant community for the foodie and eclectic bars and neighborhood taverns for every taste. 

Make St. Louis Your Post-Pandemic City

We might be biased, but we love St. Louis! It offers a unique balance of urban and suburban living, with rural areas and country living just a short drive away. There is something to appeal to every type of resident. 

All that is left is to decide where to live in St. Louis, and we are here to help. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties has 10 locations in and around the city. Our agents will help you find the perfect home for your post-pandemic life.

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